Custom apparel screen printing. Beautiful, distinctive, authentic.

One of the most popular fabric printing techniques, Business Boosters provides custom screen printing on apparel and apparel accessories. Business Boosters works closely with our customers through all stages of the screen printing process.

Why Our Customers Love Custom Screen Printing

In truth, our clients are probably not as in love with screen printing as we may have lead you to believe. Screen printing is just one step in a multi-step process. Screen printing is the last stage in the process of customizing apparel and it often happens completely out view. What our clients love is how the finished product helps their businesses gain recognition.

Our customers love the concepts that evolve to help solve their communication needs. Our customers love the recognition they receive once their newly printed apparel arrives. Our customers love sharing the final product with their customers and potential customers and the conversations it can evoke. From our point of view, the whole processes is exciting. Sharing apparel samples with our customers, selecting the right apparel for their particular promotion. Discussing their communication goals and messaging and how that translates into visual artwork. And the last step, optimizing artwork, selecting ink for printing through the final sign off to go to press.

Working with Business Boosters your company have access to talented graphic designers who know how to work with brand assets and brand guidelines. We will do your brand right. Our access to a wide range of well-known, high-quality apparel brands will be icing on the cake. A wide pallet to choose from. Finally, our blend of Promotions, Design & branding is our sweet spot. We do it better and with high quality, well-fitted apparel, we make your screen printed merchandise part of a powerful tool used to help your business grow.

Things to know about screen printing

Traditional screen printing is the application of ink through a screen directly on fabric. A single color gets applied to the garment through each screen. Traditional screen printing requires set-up of a screen for each color printed. If you are doing a small quality it may not be cost effective. Traditional screen printing will require a setup charge for each screen and these can add up over a short run. Our minimum run is a dozen items. If your artwork requires multiple colors, the costs can add up making the cost of each shirt more expensive. What is so likable about traditional screen printing? The rich color and crisp, sharp edges. It's unmistakable and clean. If you need dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of items printed, traditional screen printing becomes more cost effective as the quantity of items you print increases.

Turn Around Time

Expect a 10 day turn around on most screen printing projects.

Our minimum screen printing quantity

A run of two dozen or 24 items is our minimum run with traditional screen printing.

What designs work best with custom screen printing?

Artwork should be composted of areas of solid color as opposed to gradients. This is often the case with Graphic T-shirt designs which have bold, colorful statements. Is it possible to print many colors and gradients with traditional screen printing? Yes. It is possible. We have examples of just such designed printed at Business Boosters LTD. In Trinidad & Tobago. At this point, screen printing moves closer to an art form. Knowledge of dot patterns, creating film and screens can require more time but the end results can be exciting and long-lasting.

Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

As technology and printing techniques advance, so do options for printing. Another garment printing option which has become popular for its ability to do full color printing and low quantity is Direct to Garment. Direct to garment printing works similar to your home ink jet printer.

What designs works best on Direct to Garment printing?

Designs that require many colors will be more cost effective. If you can't meet the minim 24 print minimum, Direct to Garment is a good option.

Best for Direct to Garment printing?

You can print 1 shirt with Direct to Garment printing at a reasonable cost. If you can't meet the minimum for screen printing, Direct to Garment printing is a good option. With Direct to Garment printing, you can print a single shirt with no setup fees.

What does a Direct to Garment T-shirt look like?

With direct to garment printing the ink does not go as deeply into the fabric. With traditional screen printing, ink is pressed firmly into fabric. If you look closely at a garment printed with the Direct To Garment process, edges of the artwork will be more ragged. This is because the artwork is made up of small droplets. You may even see the small dots of ink on the garment if you look very closely. There is no question that garments printed with the Direct to Garment process will look great. However, if compared side by side with garments printed with traditional screen printing, they will lack the rich color and sharp lines. Often times we joke that you can look at garments printed with a Direct Garment process, just don't look too close.

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